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Crowdcar is a place for automotive enthusiasts, to explore all kind of nifty stuff.


what is Crowdcar?

Crowdcar is a crowdsourced, crowdfunded, open and open-minded project to create, make, build, hack, learn, invent and (prototypically) realize new concepts, visions, software and stuff, especially in the field of transportation and mobility. A definition could be:

'Crowdcar = thinktank + hacklab + mobility'

(current application is a small lightweight electric car, but not limited to)

We always need motivated people to join our crowd, online or offline! Passion and love for mobility and (electric) vehicles is a plus ;) We need Nerds and non-nerds, we need technicians and non-technicians.

But why should you help? Because we all learn so much new stuff, meet new people, having fun, creating new applications and products. So let's see what's gonna happen!?

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be cool! wear crowdcar :)

The Crowdcar wristband is a blue silicone gel bracelet with yellow embossed letters, makes your arm feel great again! ;) You get cool, we can realize more cool projects. Right now the web shop is work in progress, and available soon. If you can't wait to get cool, just talk to us! We highly appreciate your support! Thx :)


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IoC, MaaS, AI? Lol!

Data is the new gold! Crowdcar explores Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Cars (IoC), Car-to-the-Cloud and Car-to-Car communication and plays around with some prototypical hard- and software implementaions.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is called the next level of mobility, bringing together all types of public and individual transport infrastructures. There are apps, APIs, manufacturer dependent solutions, political discussions, so we try to keep an eye on that, proof some of the topics in real life and develop some own visions.

Autonomous driving will change much of our todays understanding of private or individual mobility and transportation, like we see it today. This will be an exciting journey for the next years or even decades. Let's get involved! So we play around with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, neural networks, computer vision & object detection, to see how it works and where the pitfalls are.

WAVE eCar Rally Videos

WAVE electric vehicle rally took place from 10.6.2017 to 17.6.2017 in Switzerland! 8+ days of great electric cars, people, networking, countryside and fun!

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The future of mobility is electric! Sure? Let's try it out! Read about our practical experiences in our blog.

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experimental car, phase 2

Crowdcar has built an experimental car in its maker space. The car and the workshop are used to explore some of the invented concepts in the real world. Phase one had a conventional powertrain, right now in phase two, we do the electrification, and some more nifty stuff! Stay tuned!

next steps: test driving, functional testing, 3D scanning / modelling, CAD, electronics, body / exterior / interior design, carbon and glas fiber bodywork, more test driving, and and and ...! :)

(August 2017, functional testing the naked car)