Crowdcar. Invent the future of mobility.

Crowdcar is a playground for automotive enthusiasts playing around with all kind of nifty stuff.

experimental car, phase 2

Crowdcar has built an experimental car in its maker space. The car and the workshop are used to explore some of the invented concepts in the real world. Phase one had a conventional powertrain, right now in phase two, we do the electrification.

upcoming events

internet of cars

Data is the new gold. Crowdcar develops a framework for Internet of Things (IoT), or better, Internet of Cars (IoC), for Car-to-the-Cloud and Car-to-Car communication and some prototypical hard- and software implementaions for practical tests.


mobility as a service

The future of mobility is electric! Sure? Crowdcar does the practical test: mobility providers, cars, mobility concepts, apps, electric vehicle charging stations, plug types, ranges, long distance, short distance, acceleration, parking, recharging systems, tools, costs.

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