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About the Car test carrier

Here at Crowdcar in Munich, Germany, we created a car, we call it a "functional demonstrator". The electric vehicle was created by a rapid-prototyping approach and manufacturing process. It's an experimental electric vehicle, it's not perfect, it's not a prototype of a car producable in series, it's our test-base, we use it to learn. It's a proof-of-concept, it's a visualization of some of our ideas we have. Right now we are a small team with small resources, imagine what could be possible if we were a bigger team with some more resources, backed by a strong community ...!? :-)

technical specification

current technical specification of the functional demonstration car: (subject to change)

• "small lightweight battery electric vehicle", EV/BEV
• single-seater (because of measuring devices, batteries, testing)
• about 500kg (1100 lbs)
• about 80-100 km/h Vmax (50-60 mph)
• about 15kW continuous engine output (22PS/hp)
• rear wheel drive
• tube frame chassis, with a body cap made of fiber improved plastics (quite easily removable in hacklab and testing)
• l/w/h: about 3m 1.5m 1.2m (10ft, 5ft, 4ft)
• 72 Volt accumulator/"battery" nominal voltage
• 1-phased 230V 16A AC charger, with CEE-1p16A blue, or Type2 plug, for local and public charging
• about 12 kwh nominal battery capacity, suitable for about 100km/60mi range
• similar to UNECE/EU/EG L7e-CP, Category L7e: heavy quadricycles, Category L7e-CP: heavy quadri-mobile for passenger transport (vehicle mainly designed for passenger transport), or US NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle)
• street legal, as manufacturer for testing