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WAVE Trophy 2017 Videos

The electric car rally "WAVE Trophy 2017" took place from 10.06.2017 to 17.06.2017 along the Grand Tour of Switzerland. 8+ days of great electric cars, people, countryside and fun!

About 120 Teams (electric cars, electric bikes, electric cycles) plus 7 support crews, plus organizational teamsi, did the 1600km to see many well known swiss cities and mountains and to meet people to talk about, and make aware of the electric mobility.

The Grand Tour leads clockwise through Switzerland, the WAVE Trophy 2017 startet and ended in Zürich, but for the Grand Tour, you can enter elsewhere too.

WAVE Trophy
Grand Tour of Switzerland

Day 1 - Zürich to Herisau

Zürich, Dübendorf, Tangelswangen, Frauenfeld, Schaffhausen, Steckborn, Rorschach, St. Gallen, Herisau

Day 2 - Appenzell to St. Moritz

Appenzell, Wildhaus, Gams, Sennwald, Maienfeld, Zernez, St. Moritz

Day 3 - Julierpass to Locarno

Julierpass, Thusis, San Bernadino Pass, Bellinzona, Locarno

Day 4 - Faido to Zermatt

Faido, Gotthard Pass, Andermatt, Furka Pass, Goms, Bitsch, Visp, Täsch, Zermatt

Day 5 - Sierre to Yverdon-les-Bains

Sierre, Sion, Vetroz, Nendaz, Monthey, Aigle, Attalens, Fribourg, Yverdon-les-Bains

Day 6 - Greyerz to Interlaken

Greyerz, Château-d’Œx, Gstaad, Thun, Interlaken

Day 7- Thun to Luzern

Thun, Bern, Entlebuch, Luzern

Day 8 - Küssnacht am Rigi to Zürich

Küssnacht am Rigi, Schwyz, Einsiedeln, Zug, Baar, Wollerau, Zürich